What People Are Saying

Before Coah Loli my only daily meal was large fries and sweet tea. I had that for lunch every day for three months!

Now that I am under construction with Coach Loli I feel like a completely different person in so many ways.  Physically I'm down 15lb in three weeks, mentally I have much more clarity, and I feel refreshed as well. It's hard to look back and believe I could feel this good. With the guidance of Coach Loli I feel like there's nothing I can't do!

The first photo was taken on August 12, 2018; the second August 29, 2018. Imagine my surprise when I saw the difference in my face!

August 12, 2018

I am a lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast but have gone through my own phases of challenge as well, having been a chubby preteen and more recently spent several years battling mid-life weight gain I didn't think I'd be able to solve. Thankfully I am nearly back to full force, but in the process I began seeing Loli's tireless energy and excellent nutrition suggestions. They have been a big help along the way. I look forward to seeing her posts every day, and getting to meet her in person was a joy. Loli truly embodies every one of the principles she teaches. I recommend her to all.

-Cheryl D. Snapp Conner - Utah