Do You Track Your Workouts?

Okay, let us see your numbers!! How do you track your activity? How do you use your data?

Around here we are addicted to collecting, analyzing, and utilizing fitness data. We wear external heart rate monitors during workouts that talk to our wrist devices allowing for real time viewing of the data; that’s really helpful when we need to stay in a specific heart rate zone.

Here’s an example of data from a training run by one of our team.  This is an outdoor activity with gps plots.  It’s 5 miles up a hill followed by 5 miles back down on the same path.  You can easily see how heart rate correlates to climbs and descents.  This run was tracked with a Polar V800 Training Watch (soon to be replaced by the Vantage V) in conjunction with a Polar H10 Heart Rate Chest Strap.

This is Coach Loli doing a low weight high rep rhythmic weight training program: .  There’s no GPS graph here but you can track heart rate.  Coach Loli was wearing a Polar M600 Watch running Android Wear and Polar OH1 Optical Heart Rate Band on her left forearm.

These are both from the Polar ecosystem.  Other manufacturers have similar ecosystems and features.  Click through the interactive features on the site to get a sense for what sort of information is available to you and how it’s presented.

What do you think?  Can devices such as these improve your awareness of your physical condition?