Oh My Lovely Porterhouse

You know how you should let meat rest before you go all caveman (or in my case, cave woman) on it? That is by far one of the hardest things I did today – wait for that big, beautiful, perfectly rare porterhouse. My wonderful husband pan seared that beast in some grass fed tallow. We’re big fans of tallow and other healthy animal fats!

I do, as we’re certain you’ve ascertained, like my steak rare. I also prefers it very lightly seasoned with only the basics – salt and pepper. According to me, “If it’s a good hunk of meat it wont need much!”

“What about the green stuff?” Shaved brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon grease and seasoned with  (you guessed it) salt and pepper. In our kitchen the KISS method is the rule, not the exception. The simpler the better!

Pan Seared RibEye with Chimichuri Inspired Sauce w/ Lemony Jicama Slaw

Here’s a nice dinner comprised of a pan seared rib-eye steak, our garlicy and herby Chimichuri-esque sauce, and a nice jicama slaw.

Sear your steak with your favorite fat.  We used Fatworks Tallow.  If you intend to sear over a relatively high heat, just make sure your fat of choice is appropriate for the high heat.