Two Rights Don’t Make A Right

Grass Fed Mac And Cheese Label
Grass Fed Mac And Cheese Label

Coach Loli and I stumbled on this package while we were strolling through the Danger Zone (most things not on the periphery) of the market.  Grass Fed Organic Mac & Cheese.

Grass Fed!!  Organic!!!!  While the merits of grass fed dairy and organic ANYTHING are up for debate, even if those were really positive attributes, this package is still full of troubling ingredients.  Many things are not in YOUR fridge or pantry.  And then there’s the wheat – one of the most egregious grains (ask me about my headaches someday).

So, all the awesomeness from the grassy, Omega 3 rich dairy and the Organic-ness (whatever that really means) of of it all may be fine & dandy but this is still a processed food full of one of the worst things we can think of feeding you (wheat) and too many ingredients not involved in real cooling.

Teach your kids to enjoy real food.  If you are making Mac & Cheese (wheat & all), make it at home.  It is SO much better – and at least you know what your family is getting.