Are Protein Bars Okay?

Coach Loli gets asked this question with some regularity. Of course there are a plethora of offerings out there and perhaps there will be future posts to clarify but the Coach wanted to begin with the GoMacro bar. You see, while standing in the protein bar section (yes an entire section) of the market, she was a little bit overwhelmed by a couple of things.

First, she used to eat these things as she was under the impression that they were better than say, meat. The Coach was a plant based eater for 27 years before she wised up! Second, there were just so many of them from which to choose. How does one make a decision when there is an entire section in the market?

This particular bar has a form of sugar listed as the very first ingredient! As you know, ingredients are listed by weight so there is a lot of sugar in this bar. The peanut butter listed states “organic” only, but the ingredients aren’t listed. The organic peanut butter chips have coconut sugar, just sugar by a different name. Did you notice the carbs in one bar? That’s more net carbs than the Coach eats over 3 to 4 days!

Is this bar okay? Coach Loli says, NO!