Wonderful Pork Belly

Tasty and pretty dishes don’t have to be elaborate or take a bunch of your time.  For example, tonight’s dinner was Roasted Pork Belly with some steamed broccoli and fresh radishes.

Nothing special was done to the pork belly.  Plop the pieces into an oven safe dish, score the fat, salt & pepper, then roast at 375 for 40 minutes.

While we steamed our broccoli, you could just as easily add it to the pork belly dish part way through cooking.  Since ours was steamed, we dressed the broccoli with the pork belly drippings once on the plate.

Did Someone Say Pork Belly?

Oh my, pork belly is the way to go if you’re eating keto. It’s so easy and you can get really creative with it. I like mine baked with good old salt and pepper. It keeps in the fridge and can be eaten as a part of a meal or a snack and you can cook your eggs in the drippings after you warm it up. Its magic in my book!

Here’s a pic of the rind crisped up and served with cauliflower.Pork Rinds Over Cauliflower

Pork Rinds Over Cauliflower

Here’s some leftover pork belly, cubed, pan fried, and served over cabbage.Pork Belly Over Cabbage

Pork Belly Over Cabbage