Natural Flavors?

What’s the deal with all these “natural flavors” we keep seeing on product labels? What are they? Where do they come from? Why aren’t they explicitly listed?

As one example, Coach Loli did a little digging and contacted the Hain company about their Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Tea. “Natural Flavors” are among the ingredients.  This investigation was launched due to unexpected and unexplained weight gain, swelling, and some blood sugar fluctuations.

Here is what the Coach learned. Hain will not disclose what those ingredients are, nor do they have to. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) allows companies to list “natural flavors” without ACTUALLY listing them as long as they were once part of nature! The fact that whatever they were before processing doesn’t matter as long they were “natural”.

Coach Loli discontinued consumption of this tea.  Weight normalized.  Swelling went away.  Blood sugars returned to normal.

Yes, this was an n=1 experiment. What n=1 experiments have you conducted?