Are Those Noodles???

Is Coach Loli eating noodles? I think those ARE noodles! Yep, they are noodles but they are keto friendly Konjac noodles with lamb meatballs. You see, we saw a recipe for ground turkey meatballs and kind of don’t see the point of such a lean meat when you can get lamb and all it’s yummy fattiness! Our version is absolutely delicious.  You should try it!

Check out the recipe here.

If you’re curious about Konjac, you can read a bit about it in this wiki article.  These noodles are made from Konjac root and are loaded with prebiotic fiber.  Sauce them up properly and you can have an occasional pasta-esque treat with literally zero guilt!

Lamb Meatballs over Miracle Konjac Fettuccine

We paired Coach Loli’s Lamb Meatballs with these zero carb (nearly zero everything!) Konjac Miracle Fettuccine Noodles prepared aglio olio style.  There are many varieties of these noodles available.  Take care that you get ones made ONLY with Konjac root.  Many have soy or other ingredients.

On top of the ingredients for the meatballs, you’ll need 2 packages of these noodles, a couple more cloves of finely chopped garlic, some rosemary leaves, olive oil, optional butter or ghee, salt, pepper.

Start by draining and rinsing what will seem like ludicrously stinky noodles.  Have faith…

Proceed with the Meatball recipe.  We suggest using the pan you’ll use for your pasta.

Once the meatballs are done and out of the pan, add your fat, garlic, the bit of rosemary, and get a slight brown going.  Add in your no longer stinky noodles, salt, and pepper.  Toss and completely coat the noodles.  If you need, you can warm the meatballs through in the pan now.  Otherwise, just serve up the pasta with some meatballs on top.

Don’t skimp on the beautiful aglio olio sauce left behind.  It is delicious and satiating and filled with great fats and nutrients.

Loli Had a Little Lamb Meatball

The Coach and The Turkey Leg

Remember when I said I love Disneyland and that I sometimes indulge with a turkey leg? I shared this beast with my hubby along with a pickle and a keto coffee. Those turkey legs are good but they aren’t quite fatty enough. Thank goodness for powdered MCT oil since I don’t do dairy. Hubs had heavy cream in his coffee so you’ve got fat choices on the go.

Pan Seared RibEye with Chimichuri Inspired Sauce w/ Lemony Jicama Slaw

Here’s a nice dinner comprised of a pan seared rib-eye steak, our garlicy and herby Chimichuri-esque sauce, and a nice jicama slaw.

Sear your steak with your favorite fat.  We used Fatworks Tallow.  If you intend to sear over a relatively high heat, just make sure your fat of choice is appropriate for the high heat.

Cheap Keto Date

Despite all our best efforts to arrange for the right foods at the right times, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Traffic.  Meetings running long.  One more go on Space Mountain…

Here’s our dinner on one such occasion.  We happened to be at a Whole Foods (probably after a Disneyland trip!).  A stop at the olive bar, some packaged but very high quality charcuterie (that’s Salami for us mere mortals), avocados from the produce section, and sparkling water.

A healthy, satisfying meal on the go.  Notice the avocado isn’t even a packaged food.  You don’t have to have a convenience food just to eat on the go!

It takes a bit of practice to learn to do what should be obvious.  New ways of eating and living eventually become second nature.  You’ll have fun in the process!

Oh, and it was a cheap date!