Three Days Tired

Man, three days of FanX was awesome and exhausting.FanX Challenge Booth Group

FanX Challenge Booth GroupHowever, being on the road is starting to wear on me.  I miss cooking in my kitchen and eating home cooked meals.  Staying on plan while traveling is a bit challenging but we’re all up for it!

This morning’s breakfast was (N)Oatmeal with copious amounts of healthy fat.  This is not only tasty but also extraordinarily satisfying.  Makes a 2 meal day a snap!
noatmeal ingredients

Noatmeal ingredients

Dinner was salami and olives!  Seriously, Salami and Olives.  If I was home, I’d have drizzled some nice Olive Oil over everything and maybe even dress things up with some herbs.

Kitchen Challenges

As I’m sure you’ve figured out Coach Loli is getting her nerd batteries charged at FanX.  She and her daughter rented an Airbnb condo so they could stay on track with their nutrition.

Upon arrival they learned there was one tiny cookie sheet, no mixing bowls, and dismal lighting.  None of that stopped them from making delicious keto friendly foods in a kitchen devoid of most of the tools Coach Loli has at home.  A quick stop at a discount store and viola, baking pan deep enough to make some leg quarters.

They tasted great and hit the spot after a long day in the challenge booth and doing photo ops.

Here are the girls trying to fly the TARDIS.

Jeff Goldblum, anyone?

Tim Curry!

As long as we’re here, we should have a pank-off!

Have your fun!  Just remember that there’s ALWAYS a way to stay on track!

Is This Too Much Bacon?

Wait… There’s such a thing as TOO much bacon??? I don’t think we got that memo.

First, some quick background.  I’m writing this post as I’m in Salt Lake City for FanX 2018.  What do we do at FanX?

Well, maybe we pose with the incomparable Brent Spiner.
Brent Spiner FanX 2018

Brent Spiner at FanX 2018

Maybe we grab Pikachu for a candid pic.
Loli and Pikachu

Loli and Pikachu

Of course, I do my best to stay on track with my way of eating and lifestyle.  Here, I’m manning (womanning?) the FanX Challenge Booth – a group of folks trying to get healthier with the added benefit of being able to fit in their desired costumes.
FanX 2018 Challenge Both

FanX 2018 Challenge Booth

Now, back to our tale of too much bacon.

We went straight from the airport to the market so we could stock our fridge away from home with the good stuff! We encountered some strange looks and some big attitude from the guy at the meat case when I asked if there were any pork chops in the back with the the fat still on them and you should have seen his expression when I asked for chicken thighs WITH bones and skin. I hope his attitude was because he’d probably gone to a lot of trouble to debone and skin all those little chicken thighs in his case so people (other than us, of course) could eat healthy.  And we bought bacon.

Anyway, we got our shopping done and stocked our fridge away from home with our Keto friendly LCHF (low carb, high fat) bounty.

And we cooked the bacon.

There are lots of distracting pseudo foods at these sorts of events.  Sometimes we can feel like we’re missing out.  But then there’s the bacon.

Bacon makes everything better.