Can You Still Eat Out?

So you’re doing great. You’ve been watching your carb intake and steering clear of spikey foods. You’ve pushed through the low carb induction malaise (aka – the dreaded Keto Flu). Your clothes fit better and the scale has been your friend. Yay! Thing is, now you’re looking to go out to dinner. Maybe it’s Date Night or a friend’s birthday. Maybe just lunch with co-workers. Just adapt!

Tonight, Coach Loli and I went to one of our favorite local restaurants. It’s a Middle Eastern / Mediterranean style place. If you know anything about those cultures, you know that rice and bread are the norm. No worries.

We both got a lamb kabob plate. We asked for something green to be substituted for the rice – and the proprietors kindly obliged with a nice green salad. We also asked that they not provide bread for the table. Additionally, we try to keep some small bottles of a quality olive oil on hand so that we can up the fat content of the meal and feel satiety afterwards.

All that said, there was still hummus on the plates. We both indulged to varying degrees (my degrees varied FAR more than Coach Loli’s). The salads had tomatoes – and I had some while The Coach abstained. In the morning, we’ll likely both still have completely acceptable blood sugar and ketone numbers.

Learn how to make the best of a menu and figure out what indulgences you’d like to undertake. Keep in mind how you feel – and if you track things like blood glucose, see how those biometrics track. Enjoy your food and the company it brings! Just be wary that it not turn to license to go off the rails for multiple meals. In time, making these adjustments will be second nature and you’ll be able to stay metabolically healthy with the occasional menu challenge.

Burger on Sunset

Today Coach Loli and Mr. Coach tried out a burger joint in West Hollywood. They went to meet up with some fellow low carb eaters.

All of the burgers at Burger Lounge are made from grass fed beef which is just perfect for the Coach and Mr. Coach. They try to eat grass fed whenever possible.

They enjoyed their burgers but both give their visit a 3 out 5 Coach points. Why only 3 you ask? Well, they ordered their burgers medium rare; although Mr. Coach got what he ordered Coach Loli’s burger was a little over done. Additionally, both burgers were ordered with avocado – a premium option for which they paid extra. The charge showed up on the ticket but the avocado never showed up on the burger.

Cheap Keto Date

Despite all our best efforts to arrange for the right foods at the right times, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Traffic.  Meetings running long.  One more go on Space Mountain…

Here’s our dinner on one such occasion.  We happened to be at a Whole Foods (probably after a Disneyland trip!).  A stop at the olive bar, some packaged but very high quality charcuterie (that’s Salami for us mere mortals), avocados from the produce section, and sparkling water.

A healthy, satisfying meal on the go.  Notice the avocado isn’t even a packaged food.  You don’t have to have a convenience food just to eat on the go!

It takes a bit of practice to learn to do what should be obvious.  New ways of eating and living eventually become second nature.  You’ll have fun in the process!

Oh, and it was a cheap date!