Bunless Pork Burgers

This is more of a recipe idea than a recipe. It’s just TOO simple to call a recipe but these pork patties served with your favorite burger condiments will really hit the spot!

Either ground your own pork (butt & shoulder work well) or buy ground pork. Keep the seasoning simple – salt & pepper. Decide on your patty size. 1/4 pound? 1/3 pound? 1/2 pound? Whatever you do, make sure there’s a nice depression in the middle of the patty so that when it cooks, it doesn’t bulge into a lenticular shape. Instead, it will bulge to a flat patty.

Cook to desired level of doneness (got bacon fat stashed away?) and serve over some nice lettuce. Tomatoes? Mustard? Cheese? Hot sauce? Whatever you like on your burger, be smart & watch the sugars. Even a modest amount of ketchup MAY be ok – depending on your tolerance for such things, but seriously…. Ketchup????

As you can see above, I like mine with cheese. Coach Loli had hers with some mustard. We both enjoyed some Bubbies Pickles and onions.

Pork Burger
Pork Burger

How do you like your pork burger?

Burger on Sunset

Today Coach Loli and Mr. Coach tried out a burger joint in West Hollywood. They went to meet up with some fellow low carb eaters.

All of the burgers at Burger Lounge are made from grass fed beef which is just perfect for the Coach and Mr. Coach. They try to eat grass fed whenever possible.

They enjoyed their burgers but both give their visit a 3 out 5 Coach points. Why only 3 you ask? Well, they ordered their burgers medium rare; although Mr. Coach got what he ordered Coach Loli’s burger was a little over done.¬†Additionally, both burgers were ordered with avocado – a premium option for which they paid extra. The charge showed up on the ticket but the avocado never showed up on the burger.