Breakfast Sandwich – Mixed Reactions

Hopefully you’ve seen our Eggless Biscuit Recipe from a few weeks back.  That recipe yields a pseudo-bread that is dense and flavorful.  Unlike a piece of wheat based bread, it is its own thing without much accompaniment – although slathering it with butter doesn’t hurt!

Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich
Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich

This morning we decided to try making breakfast sandwiches with it.  Given Coach Loli’s constitution’s disagreement with eggs and dairy, she just had bacon (and lots of it) on hers.  I made mine with bacon, egg, and jack cheese.

Now, The Coach really liked her sandwich.  It was “very satisfying” and “bread-y and bacon-y”.  She truly seemed to enjoy it.  I wasn’t so thrilled with mine.  I felt like the VERY tasty bread overpowered everything else on the sandwich and there was no real complement of elements.

We’re posting this partly because its important to point out that we’re all learning stuff all the time – and partly to encourage you to try stuff!


What can we say? Bacon is magic!

Coach Loli and Mr. Coach keep cooked bacon in the fridge for quick, easy, and magical meals. For this one just heat up the bacon in a little (okay a lot) of bacon grease and toss in the cabbage but don’t cook it, just heat it up to avoid developing sugars. You could also do this with spinach or kale if you were so inclined.

The juxtaposition of the ho-hummery of cabbage and super-yumminess of bacon make this a treat full of healthy, natural fat, a modest amount of protein, and prebiotic fiber.

And, by the way, this means you should SAVE YOUR BACON FAT!

Cooking Bacon on a (not so) Lazy Sunday

Yes, we have bacon for breakfast and second breakfast, elevensies…supper…! Our rule is to cook multiple packages of no sugar added bacon and keep it in the fridge for meals and snacks. Great plan right?

This morning Coach Loli cooked up some yummy oink with her fur baby helper (don’t mind the morning hair and PJs).

Mr. Coach had some with eggs and spinach. The spinach and eggs were of course, cooked in the bacon grease.
Bacon Eggs Spinach

Is This Too Much Bacon?

Wait… There’s such a thing as TOO much bacon??? I don’t think we got that memo.

First, some quick background.  I’m writing this post as I’m in Salt Lake City for FanX 2018.  What do we do at FanX?

Well, maybe we pose with the incomparable Brent Spiner.
Brent Spiner FanX 2018

Brent Spiner at FanX 2018

Maybe we grab Pikachu for a candid pic.
Loli and Pikachu

Loli and Pikachu

Of course, I do my best to stay on track with my way of eating and lifestyle.  Here, I’m manning (womanning?) the FanX Challenge Booth – a group of folks trying to get healthier with the added benefit of being able to fit in their desired costumes.
FanX 2018 Challenge Both

FanX 2018 Challenge Booth

Now, back to our tale of too much bacon.

We went straight from the airport to the market so we could stock our fridge away from home with the good stuff! We encountered some strange looks and some big attitude from the guy at the meat case when I asked if there were any pork chops in the back with the the fat still on them and you should have seen his expression when I asked for chicken thighs WITH bones and skin. I hope his attitude was because he’d probably gone to a lot of trouble to debone and skin all those little chicken thighs in his case so people (other than us, of course) could eat healthy.  And we bought bacon.

Anyway, we got our shopping done and stocked our fridge away from home with our Keto friendly LCHF (low carb, high fat) bounty.

And we cooked the bacon.

There are lots of distracting pseudo foods at these sorts of events.  Sometimes we can feel like we’re missing out.  But then there’s the bacon.

Bacon makes everything better.