Sleeping With Dogs

I know, I know, sleep? What the heck is that? I think it's that thing many of us do at night but not always very well.

There are lots of sleep studies and people like me out there telling you to get sleep but how exactly do you accomplish this extremely important task? Well, I'm still working on this but I can share with you what's worked for me.

  1. I try to take my very last bite of food at least two hours before I go to bed. Three to four hours if I'm on a protein binge.
  2. I exercise daily however I don't exercise at night, that will keep me awake for sure.
  3. I stay away from caffeine after 4pm.
  4. I changed my nutrition to be more in line with healthy sleep.
  5. I set my alarm on the half hour because sleep cycles are 90 minutes.

Lack of sleep can have some deleterious health effects that include but are not limited to: anxeity, daytime sleepiness, reduced hand-eye coordination, and the inability to think clearly.

What helps with sleep? Well the hormone melatonin can be quite helpful but the proper dosage is very personal and when you should take it is age dependent.