What we offer

Coach Loli is here to help you with your health and wellness goals.  We offer:

  • Face to Face Coaching in Antelope and Santa Clarita Valleys
  • Virtual One to One coaching via Facebook, Skype, or Hangouts
  • Bio-Individualized Health Management Programs
  • Weight Loss Counseling
  • Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Meal Planning
  • Pantry Purge for the Brave!


We can start with a FREE initial consultation so you can get an understanding of what this program is about and what will be required of you.

Hourly rates are $85.  3 month Basic packages are $1800, or $2200 for Undoctored packages.  6 month packages are $3000 for Basic or $3400 for Undoctored.

My goal is to help you get healthy, happy, and well. If money is an issue let's talk and see what we can do!

If you sign up in September, 2018 you'll receive a discount on the 6-month program, 20% off for full payment (all 6 months) at time of sign up.

Let's Talk!

Let us know how to contact you to discuss your health goals.