Killer Chili Two Ways

Pork Chili with Cilantro and Onion

When life gives Coach Loli a nice fatty pork butt, she makes some killer chili.

Our ritual:  Trim the fat off the pork butt, render the fat in the pot, remove and season the cracklins for chef’s snacks.  Cube the pork butt as you render the fat.  Brown the cubed pork butt in the rendered fat.  Eat a cracklin.  You may have to brown in batches to keep things browning instead of swimming in their own juices.  Eat another cracklin.  Once all the pork is browned (yum, cracklins), return the pork to the pot along with the chili seasoning (recipe below) and a diced onion.  Eat a cracklin.  Simmer the chili as you eat some more – oh, they’re gone….

On this night, Coach Loli wanted a simple bowl of Chili garnished with cilantro and onion.

Pork Chili Mac
Pork Chili Mac

Mr. Coach, on the other hand, decided on Chili Mac.  Once again the Konjac noodles (in the form of Rigatoni) came in handy with some nice freshly grated cheddar (have we told you NEVER to buy pre shredded cheese?  We just did) and some diced Jalapeno and onion.