Cheap Keto Date

Despite all our best efforts to arrange for the right foods at the right times, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Traffic.  Meetings running long.  One more go on Space Mountain…

Here’s our dinner on one such occasion.  We happened to be at a Whole Foods (probably after a Disneyland trip!).  A stop at the olive bar, some packaged but very high quality charcuterie (that’s Salami for us mere mortals), avocados from the produce section, and sparkling water.

A healthy, satisfying meal on the go.  Notice the avocado isn’t even a packaged food.  You don’t have to have a convenience food just to eat on the go!

It takes a bit of practice to learn to do what should be obvious.  New ways of eating and living eventually become second nature.  You’ll have fun in the process!

Oh, and it was a cheap date!