Carnitas? Maybe. Delicioso? Definitely!

Farasha Chicken

Bunless Pork Burgers

This is more of a recipe idea than a recipe. It’s just TOO simple to call a recipe but these pork patties served with your favorite burger condiments will really hit the spot!

Either ground your own pork (butt & shoulder work well) or buy ground pork. Keep the seasoning simple – salt & pepper. Decide on your patty size. 1/4 pound? 1/3 pound? 1/2 pound? Whatever you do, make sure there’s a nice depression in the middle of the patty so that when it cooks, it doesn’t bulge into a lenticular shape. Instead, it will bulge to a flat patty.

Cook to desired level of doneness (got bacon fat stashed away?) and serve over some nice lettuce. Tomatoes? Mustard? Cheese? Hot sauce? Whatever you like on your burger, be smart & watch the sugars. Even a modest amount of ketchup MAY be ok – depending on your tolerance for such things, but seriously…. Ketchup????

As you can see above, I like mine with cheese. Coach Loli had hers with some mustard. We both enjoyed some Bubbies Pickles and onions.

Pork Burger
Pork Burger

How do you like your pork burger?

Smokey the Pig

Mr. Coach could win an award for this big ole hunk of oink! He seasoned it simply with salt, pepper, and garlic powder then smoked it for 16 hours. It came off the smoker with a delicate but crispy outside and a moist, flavorful, and tender inside.

Smoked Pork Shoulder
Smoked Pork Shoulder

Are you a smoked meat fan? Do you want to become a smoked meat fan? The Coach and Mr. Coach would love to see pictures of your smoker productions!

“But I don’t have a smoker!”  Check out some of these options – some very reasonably priced! (If you can’t see the Amazon items below, please exclude from your Ad Blocker. We don’t pummel you with ads and only link to affiliate items we are recommending.)

Here’s a very reasonable priced unit that won’t take up a lot of space.  It’s electric so temperature management is a bit simpler.

This next example is pricier and more elaborate.  It’s also electric but has some more sophisticated controls and a nice wood chip loading tray.

Here are a few options of all sorts and price ranges.  Electric?  Wood / Charcoal?  Metal?  Ceramic?  Strange little doodads?  You can probably find what you need to get started smoking.

Herbed up Chicken

Riced Cauliflower with Parsley
Riced Cauliflower with Parsley


Killer Chili Two Ways

When life gives Coach Loli a nice fatty pork butt, she makes some killer chili.

Our ritual:  Trim the fat off the pork butt, render the fat in the pot, remove and season the cracklins for chef’s snacks.  Cube the pork butt as you render the fat.  Brown the cubed pork butt in the rendered fat.  Eat a cracklin.  You may have to brown in batches to keep things browning instead of swimming in their own juices.  Eat another cracklin.  Once all the pork is browned (yum, cracklins), return the pork to the pot along with the chili seasoning (recipe below) and a diced onion.  Eat a cracklin.  Simmer the chili as you eat some more – oh, they’re gone….

On this night, Coach Loli wanted a simple bowl of Chili garnished with cilantro and onion.

Pork Chili Mac
Pork Chili Mac

Mr. Coach, on the other hand, decided on Chili Mac.  Once again the Konjac noodles (in the form of Rigatoni) came in handy with some nice freshly grated cheddar (have we told you NEVER to buy pre shredded cheese?  We just did) and some diced Jalapeno and onion.



What can we say? Bacon is magic!

Coach Loli and Mr. Coach keep cooked bacon in the fridge for quick, easy, and magical meals. For this one just heat up the bacon in a little (okay a lot) of bacon grease and toss in the cabbage but don’t cook it, just heat it up to avoid developing sugars. You could also do this with spinach or kale if you were so inclined.

The juxtaposition of the ho-hummery of cabbage and super-yumminess of bacon make this a treat full of healthy, natural fat, a modest amount of protein, and prebiotic fiber.

And, by the way, this means you should SAVE YOUR BACON FAT!

Shrimp All’olio Coach Loli Style

Shrimp is a favorite of Coach Loli and Mr. Coach They are also fans of pasta all’olio.

Since they are keto eaters the pasta had to be swapped for those weird and wonderful Konjac noodles. Coach Loli doesn’t eat dairy so she swapped out butter for ghee. The noodle swap kept the dish VERY low carb and keto friendly while the ghee added a simple and delicious flavor and, of course, healthy fat. It also kept it dairy free. If you’re a dairy eater, butter will do just dandy. The lemon juice and red pepper flakes the Coach added deepened the flavors of the garlic and shrimp.

What traditional dishes have you re-invented?

Taco Salad With Ground Pork and Chimi-cado Sauce?

Piquant Pork