Marketing To Kids

Every time we shop I stop to check out what’s being marketed to kids. They are, after all, consumers. Stores know at what shelf height to put items to grab the attention of the kids in the store with their parent. Once the little sees the pretty box it’s game over. Heaven forbid the kid can read. “But mom, it’s organic and vegetarian!”

The ingredients list on this particular product is horrifying. There are five different kinds of sugar listed! I wasn’t sure what algin is so I looked it up. It’s used to make medicine and it reduces cholesterol. It also so are parents unwittingly feeding their kids some form of statins? I suppose further research on this topic might be necessary in you’re feeding this junk to your littles.


Two Rights Don’t Make A Right

Grass Fed Mac And Cheese Label
Grass Fed Mac And Cheese Label

Coach Loli and I stumbled on this package while we were strolling through the Danger Zone (most things not on the periphery) of the market.  Grass Fed Organic Mac & Cheese.

Grass Fed!!  Organic!!!!  While the merits of grass fed dairy and organic ANYTHING are up for debate, even if those were really positive attributes, this package is still full of troubling ingredients.  Many things are not in YOUR fridge or pantry.  And then there’s the wheat – one of the most egregious grains (ask me about my headaches someday).

So, all the awesomeness from the grassy, Omega 3 rich dairy and the Organic-ness (whatever that really means) of of it all may be fine & dandy but this is still a processed food full of one of the worst things we can think of feeding you (wheat) and too many ingredients not involved in real cooling.

Teach your kids to enjoy real food.  If you are making Mac & Cheese (wheat & all), make it at home.  It is SO much better – and at least you know what your family is getting.

Ewwww, That’s Just a Little Bit Gross

When I get a new client, I stress the importance of truly healthy eating. For me, that means purging the pantry and your life of the toxic vegetable oils we’ve been fooled into using. I know it seems extreme but take a look at the videos I’ve included and let’s talk about health and healthful eating and living. I’m not okay eating anything that’s been extracted with a “solvent” and bleached. How about you? I’ll take lard, tallow, ghee, and extra virgin olive oil any day!

Need some help wading through all this information on health? Let’s talk! In the meantime, take a look at the two videos below.  One is about the extraction of canola oil and the other olive oil.


Bubbies Pickles

Sometimes the reduced carb lifestyle seems to present some annoying restrictions.  Condiments and sides can prove to be especially annoyingly packed with things we’re trying to avoid – like sugar.

Enter Bubbies Pickles.  First of all, you’ll have to forgive them for not properly punctuating the (presumably) possessive form of Bubbie.  But nevermind that…  These pickles are FANTASTIC – specifically the Kosher Dills.  Plus they have essentially zero carbs.

Check out the ingredients list.  No sugar – and pretty much stuff you’d find in your house.  The bonus is that these pickles are fermented so they’ll help to populate your gut with beneficial microbes.  As more and more research (as well as age-old wisdom) seems to indicate, a happy and healthy gut is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Have You Tried Ghee?

You see, dairy and I just don’t get on very well. I guess it’s true what they say about cow’s milk being for baby cows and not humans! While shopping yesterday we found this little jar of delicious on sale. Who can turn down ghee… ON SALE? Obviously,  not me!

Now, we make our own ghee. But when folks ask, I like to be able to ( with a straight face) sing the praises of brands you can get in your local markets. Eat Good Fat’s Ghee gets lots of singing. When I opened the jar my olfactory nerves were literally jumping for joy. That irresistible smell of melting butter hit my nose and, oh the happiness! I couldn’t wait to taste it and when I did I wasn’t disappointed. It’s rich and buttery and extremely satisfying. (If product images don’t appear, please disable your ad blocker – at least for

Amazon doesn’t currently carry Eat Good Fat but we can recommend:

We also use and are very happy with Ghee by 4th & Heart. The Vanilla Bean ghee is incredible if you like buttered coffee!

You can also Click Here for all Ghee on Amazon.

Is Your Nutrition on a Cliff?

Do you eat these little sugar bomb gems? That carbohydrate number is nothing shy of terrifying and is more than Coach Loli eats over 3 or 4 days!

The Coach used to fall for the marketing that makes these “a perfect meal replacement” but she’s wised up and no longer needs or wants these over-processed carb and sugar laden, blood sugar spiking bars.

Pop quiz. How many times is sugar mentioned in the ingredients list?

Are Protein Bars Okay?

Coach Loli gets asked this question with some regularity. Of course there are a plethora of offerings out there and perhaps there will be future posts to clarify but the Coach wanted to begin with the GoMacro bar. You see, while standing in the protein bar section (yes an entire section) of the market, she was a little bit overwhelmed by a couple of things.

First, she used to eat these things as she was under the impression that they were better than say, meat. The Coach was a plant based eater for 27 years before she wised up! Second, there were just so many of them from which to choose. How does one make a decision when there is an entire section in the market?

This particular bar has a form of sugar listed as the very first ingredient! As you know, ingredients are listed by weight so there is a lot of sugar in this bar. The peanut butter listed states “organic” only, but the ingredients aren’t listed. The organic peanut butter chips have coconut sugar, just sugar by a different name. Did you notice the carbs in one bar? That’s more net carbs than the Coach eats over 3 to 4 days!

Is this bar okay? Coach Loli says, NO!

Natural Flavors?

What’s the deal with all these “natural flavors” we keep seeing on product labels? What are they? Where do they come from? Why aren’t they explicitly listed?

As one example, Coach Loli did a little digging and contacted the Hain company about their Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Tea. “Natural Flavors” are among the ingredients.  This investigation was launched due to unexpected and unexplained weight gain, swelling, and some blood sugar fluctuations.

Here is what the Coach learned. Hain will not disclose what those ingredients are, nor do they have to. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) allows companies to list “natural flavors” without ACTUALLY listing them as long as they were once part of nature! The fact that whatever they were before processing doesn’t matter as long they were “natural”.

Coach Loli discontinued consumption of this tea.  Weight normalized.  Swelling went away.  Blood sugars returned to normal.

Yes, this was an n=1 experiment. What n=1 experiments have you conducted?