Given some recent questions, I wanted to briefly talk about overtraining. Overtraining is very personal and is based on a person’s fitness level and diet. However, both a conditioned and deconditioned person can overtrain. For instance, a sedentary (deconditioned) person who rows for three consecutive days could be overtraining. A more fit (conditioned) person who engages in HIIT workouts for five days straight could be at risk of overtraining. I think the important thing is to be able to recognize the symptoms of overtraining. These include:

  • Elevated resting blood pressure and morning heart rate
  • Headaches, depression, poor sleep
  • Muscle soreness, slow healing, and suppressed immunity
  • Performance losses, higher incidence of injury, and decreased self-esteem
  • GI issues

So you’re manifesting some or all of the symptoms. What do you do? First, take a couple rest days. NOT active rest days but actual rest days. Second, take a very close look at your diet. Are you getting what you need for repair and recovery? Third, work with a health coach like me who can get you to optimal health!