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Once upon a time I was a "big boned gal". You know how we all like to use euphemisms to describe hard to talk about issues. Well, without the flowery language I was a fat gal. I managed to get to 298 pounds before I decided to make changes.

I made changes, not healthy ones, but changes just the same and lost weight. Way too much weight. Me and my newly developed eating disorder became great friends. Let me just say that one should NEVER be friends with an eating disorder.

I broke off that toxic friendship and ballooned up again. Took steps to reduce and did, ballooned up again, took more steps to reduce, ballooned up yet again and, you guessed it, took the same silly steps again to reduce. What is it Einstein said about idiots?

Fast forward to now, I'm in my fifties and I'm healthy inside and out. I'm truly passionate about health and helping people get and stay healthy. I believe my journey, although pretty awful at times, gives me a pretty special insight into obesity, weight loss, and getting healthy.

But life isn't just about work.  Find out more about me.