Marketing To Kids

Every time we shop I stop to check out what’s being marketed to kids. They are, after all, consumers. Stores know at what shelf height to put items to grab the attention of the kids in the store with their parent. Once the little sees the pretty box it’s game over. Heaven forbid the kid can read. “But mom, it’s organic and vegetarian!”

The ingredients list on this particular product is horrifying. There are five different kinds of sugar listed! I wasn’t sure what algin is so I looked it up. It’s used to make medicine and it reduces cholesterol. It also so are parents unwittingly feeding their kids some form of statins? I suppose further research on this topic might be necessary in you’re feeding this junk to your littles.



Given some recent questions, I wanted to briefly talk about overtraining. Overtraining is very personal and is based on a person’s fitness level and diet. However, both a conditioned and deconditioned person can overtrain. For instance, a sedentary (deconditioned) person who rows for three consecutive days could be overtraining. A more fit (conditioned) person who engages in HIIT workouts for five days straight could be at risk of overtraining. I think the important thing is to be able to recognize the symptoms of overtraining. These include:

  • Elevated resting blood pressure and morning heart rate
  • Headaches, depression, poor sleep
  • Muscle soreness, slow healing, and suppressed immunity
  • Performance losses, higher incidence of injury, and decreased self-esteem
  • GI issues

So you’re manifesting some or all of the symptoms. What do you do? First, take a couple rest days. NOT active rest days but actual rest days. Second, take a very close look at your diet. Are you getting what you need for repair and recovery? Third, work with a health coach like me who can get you to optimal health!



Carnitas? Maybe. Delicioso? Definitely!