Pan Seared RibEye with Chimichuri Inspired Sauce w/ Lemony Jicama Slaw

Here’s a nice dinner comprised of a pan seared rib-eye steak, our garlicy and herby Chimichuri-esque sauce, and a nice jicama slaw.

Sear your steak with your favorite fat.  We used Fatworks Tallow.  If you intend to sear over a relatively high heat, just make sure your fat of choice is appropriate for the high heat.

Chimichurri Inspired Sauce

Lemony Jicama Slaw


How Big Is Your Spike? Glucose, that is…

How can measurements help your fitness?

Measuring our physical condition via the scale is probably the most common practice for most folks.  Of course, we understand the limitations of this method.  Primarily, it says nothing of health or fitness.  If you weight yourself multiple times a day, it MIGHT tell you if you’ve been to the bathroom or perhaps if you’re a bit dehydrated.  The observant among us may even notice slight increases in weight after particularly hard training – likely due to inflammatory responses aimed at repairing damage.

Have you also considered monitoring your blood glucose (pretty cheap) or even your blood ketones (well, not so cheap)?  Yes, you’ll have to stick your finger until something better comes along.

To keep this post from exploding into a treatise on metabolism, this is very limited information so please take our word for it for now.  Most weight problems (and many other health problems as well) are not directly due to caloric imbalance.  They’re due to hormonal mismanagement and imbalance.  One of the key hormones in this complex system is insulin (yeah, that thing that diabetics have to worry about)  They key driver of insulin is blood glucose.

Simply put, if you want a metric to help you figure out what food is doing to your weight, this is perhaps the best place to start.  The data provided will be helpful beyond description and the cost for picking up a meter and, more importantly, its supplies is very easy to stomach.

In short, the greater your blood sugar response to a given food, the greater your insulin response will be.  Insulin, being a storage hormone, will trigger weight gain / prevent weight loss.  Pretty simple.

So, see what that steak did to your blood sugar.  Then see what that sweet potato did to it.  Or that bowl of kale.  Or that slice of Heart Healthy Whole Grain Bread.

You can start your search on Amazon here.  Don’t forget to consider the cost of supplies – and don’t get carried away with capabilities you won’t need.

Our personal favorite is the KetoMojo meter.  This kit comes with a few ketone strips (useful, but a topic for another time) and these test strips will get you going checking your blood glucose.  There are many less expensive meters on Amazon as well as down the street.  Just make sure that the supplies are inexpensive and that you keep in mind whether or not you’ll want to eventually measure ketones.

Cheap Keto Date

Despite all our best efforts to arrange for the right foods at the right times, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Traffic.  Meetings running long.  One more go on Space Mountain…

Here’s our dinner on one such occasion.  We happened to be at a Whole Foods (probably after a Disneyland trip!).  A stop at the olive bar, some packaged but very high quality charcuterie (that’s Salami for us mere mortals), avocados from the produce section, and sparkling water.

A healthy, satisfying meal on the go.  Notice the avocado isn’t even a packaged food.  You don’t have to have a convenience food just to eat on the go!

It takes a bit of practice to learn to do what should be obvious.  New ways of eating and living eventually become second nature.  You’ll have fun in the process!

Oh, and it was a cheap date!

Anna’s Lemony Chicken Thighs

We usually cook our meals by instinct or by memory.  Every so often, we’ll crack open a book and try something out.

Tonight for dinner, we gave Anna Vocino’s (@annavocino) Lemony Chicken Thighs a try from her ridiculously well reviewed book Eat Happy.  The recipe uses a minimum of ingredients and technique.  It’s as super simple to prep as it is tasty and satisfying.  We served ours over salad greens and used the ample juices as dressing.

No false advertising there, folks.  Click through and buy yourselves a copy.

The Starfish, a Russian Zoologist, and Your Immune System

Who knew we’d have the larva of starfish and some brilliant Russian dude called Ilya Mechnikov to thank the beginning to the understanding of our immune system?

Well, let’s all say “thanks” to the long deceased (he died in 1916) Mechnikov for poking thorns into the larva and watching the phagocytes, now called macrophages (white blood cells), surround the thorn and protect the organism. We can’t forget the starfish either.  It probably didn’t dig getting poked with thorns. However, it’s sacrifice led to the beginning of understanding how our white blood cell army functions to protect, and in some cases, ravage us.

I’m pretty sure none of us are literally poking thorns into our parts but I’ll bet lots of us are activating our immune systems by making poor nutritional choices.